Saturday, October 2, 2021

Does God Exist? | Popular Writings | Reasonable Faith

I encountered this site by accident.  I clicked on the link out of curiosity.

Absolutely meaning no offense to anyone, I wanted to share the article with my religious friends who would probably like it, and share my thoughts about it.

I think that the arguments are weak.  It claims that it makes sense that there would be a god based upon what we know about the universe, the fine-tuned laws of physics, and what we know about morality.  However, that is just one explanation, filling in the supernatural for things that we do not yet understand.  It is said that religion is a failed form of science.  

Religion tends to be a reflection of commonly held moral values and not the other way around.  Likewise, there tends to be a natural selection of values based upon what best preserves society.

I don't buy the argument that life is meaningless with a god.  Without a god, meaning is limited to our existence and what we choose to make of it.  Religion says that your life has meaning outside of your existence, but that seems like a con to me.  It might be that the only meaning of life outside of your existence is evolution.

Do I think that there could be a god?  Yes, but I also think that it is impossible to prove.  One of the toughest questions is why is there something instead of nothing?  However, I can accept that this is something that I don't understand instead of relying on supernatural things for which we have no real good evidence.

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