Sunday, July 29, 2018

If There Is No God, Murder Isn't Wrong

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Religious morality is also an opinion.  People accept one faith over another.  The morality of certain religions, if not most religions, justify murder on a mass scale.  How is it that the Bible has "Do no kill" and then the supposed God commands people to commit genocide multiple times, and even describes the supposed God as a mass murderer himself?  Hypocrisy is not a sound moral system.

I prefer morality based upon the reason that says that we respect of the rights of others because we want our own rights respected.  This is a morality that is inherent to human nature because we understand it naturally.  There are going to be those who violate it, because that is also human nature, so we need institutions that protect rights.

Friday, July 27, 2018

​Nietzsche on Democracy, Christianity and Decay (Prof. Stanley Rosen)

Some regard
Nietzsche as kind of crazy.  For others he has
an intellectual appeal. 
I think that Nietzsche wanted to tear down all the old institutions and morals.  He is kind of the opposite of Jordan Peterson who says that we need some sort of moral base to function as a society.  Jordan Peterson seems less concerned about whether or not religion is actually true than he is about what religion means to us as a society.

One thing I found interesting in the video is the notion that all structures are eventually replaced by something completely different.  This is kind of scary thought.  This is what the Marxists want.  We don't know what will eventually replace Western values, but it seems likely whatever it ends up being could be much more authoritarian.