Friday, November 18, 2022

Deconstructing Jordan Peterson on Religion

The commentator expresses frustrations with Jordan Peterson which I share.   Peterson becomes extremely evasive on the topic of religion and tends to obfuscate his answers.   If he wants to be non-committal then I would be okay with that, as it would be perfectly fine for him to say that he doesn't know, but he tends to jump all over the place.  It feels like he over-analyzes.  I am guessing that he looks at all topics from a psychological perspective, and his concept of truth seems to be based on how it affects us psychologically.  

This seems like a relativistic point of view, where truth is subjective.  To some extent, truth is going to be subjective because we can't perceive everything, but beyond our subjective viewpoint, there is an absolute truth regardless of whether we can perceive it.