Tuesday, May 26, 2015

both sides


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From: John Coffey

I am not sure that a different view of good and evil is driving the difference between the political parties.   The left is driven by a desire to take from the have's and give to the have-not's.  All their other beliefs stem from this.  They don't see private property as justly earned but something gotten through exploiting others.  They see people in need as people who have been either exploited or victimized by a bad system.

The right espouses the notion that people deserve the property they own, although in reality most seem to be tax and spend politicians anyway.  This is because the political climate does not reward real conservatism, making real conservatives rather rare.

I don't see a strong distinction between left and right except for a few libertarian minded Republicans.

If we want to dig a little deeper, I agree with the notion I have heard that non-religious people have a stronger desire to fix things on Earth and not wait for some pie in the sky afterlife.  However, the method that they want to use to fix things is through government coercion, which is self defeating.  Governments always achieve the opposite of what they trying to do.

Best wishes,

John Coffey