Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Why I Left The Mormon Church - YouTube

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If all but one of the religions are false and made up by the priests, then why not all of them? (Paraphrasing Carl Sagan.)
We live in a Universe with (likely) trillions of galaxies and hundreds of billions of stars and planets per galaxy, but we live on God's chosen planet. He has a plan for us specifically. Unlike the millions of alien species (likely) out there somewhere, we alone were made in God's image.

Luke Pead wrote:

I left the Mormon church pretty early on in my life due to my other family members leaving. Due to this early exit, I can say that my experience was no where close to being as painful as others'. Yet, over the course of that time I was able to observe my parents, siblings and even some friend's experiences with leaving the church. So here is what saw. There is an extremely a tight wound community in Mormonism. This community maintains its unity through shared belief. There are so many subtle bits of indoctrination woven into everyone's minds that build a shared framework for how to perceive reality. The result is that nearly everyone processes information in a very similar manner. Individuality is lost in a sea shared thinking. So what happens if someone decides to leave? Their understanding of themselves was entirely defined by the church so after they leave, they lose that. For most people it takes years for them to find themselves. Re-building your entire way of thinking is no small task. Yet, in this process they begin to notice how Mormonism may have held them back. Now this is where the common experience diverges. Do they chose to live the rest of their life holding onto this hate towards the church? Or do they embrace this new person that they have just become and begin to unravel the mystery of the universe.