Saturday, November 26, 2011

In response to ...

In response to ...

I'm thankful for "HIS__PROVISIONS & CARE" !!!

We determine our own fate to the extent which we can control it.  Hundreds of millions of people died from wars during the 20nth century.  I am sure that many of them prayed to a god but perished anyway. I do not believe that God intervenes in our behalf.  To say that he does is to say that he chooses to help some people while allowing others to suffer and die.  "God's chosen people" died by the millions at the hands of the Nazis. 

<Here followed a very long response full of religious references and scripture.>

I am sorry that you wasted your time on such a long response.  Empty platitudes do no make something true.  I understand that you want to argue for your viewpoint, as I often do.  I see a harsh reality, and we are better off understanding the world as it is, rather than to believe that some supernatural force is looking out for us or is on our side.  If you drive your car too fast around a curve, the laws of physics are not going to care if you hit a tree.  Best wishes,  John

It's a matter of belief John,& nothing more.

As my Uncle's close friend would say all the time..."We shall see what we shall see".

It is not a question of one belief versus another.  I am a pantheist,
but not with any conviction because there is no credible evidence for
any religious belief.  Religion is a matter of philosophy.

It is a question of do we trust the world as it is presented to us and
try to survive using the evidence of our experience and knowledge , or
do we believe that some supernatural force is going to provide for us,
for which we have no evidence?

People can choose to think rationally, but that means that they make a
distinction between those things that are speculation and those things
that are fact.   People believe because they want to believe, which
means that their reasoning is based upon emotion.

Best wishes, John

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  1. Belief in God is the only way to explain how something that was not here came into existence. We refer to all the great men of history in the past tense. Jesus is referred to in the present tense. His life and death and resurrection are all well documented. I was trying to believe evolution for 4 years until at 18 my first son was born and I saw it only took 9 months for him to arrive. Two years later I met the LORD Jesus and He gave me peace I did not know could exist.